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how to choose a professional wedding photographer

Wedding photography is much more than simply having a nice camera and getting click happy.

Throughout the years,I’ve had one too many conversations with photographers who have tried wedding photography and then well,decided it’s not for them! ‘It’s such hard work Priti’. Well, yep, it sure is!

And that’s what brought me to write and share this blog post 😜

With so many wedding photographers out there, how do you find the perfect wedding photographer for you?

The wedding industry can be a minefield, I remember when we started planning our wedding just how much there was to think about. Wedding photographer being one of the prime areas we were investing a lot into. Why? We wanted to make sure the photographer we hired on the day would be on the same page in a few different ways.

how to choose a professional wedding photographer

#1 – Hire me 

Just kidding (no, really, let’s talk!)

#2 Style of Photography

With so many different styles of photography out there – which type is the best for you as a couple and your day?

Would you like to have a documentary or photo journalism wedding photographer who photographs the day unobtrusively with a documentary feel? Or would you prefer to have a photographer who loves to capture more staged and controlled photos such as more formals? Would you like to have a photographer who really is creative and aims to photograph more unique photos and from different perspectives?

Be sure to have a look at their website or blog post’s to see their style of work. You’ll get a better idea as to whether you like their work or not compared to seeng a few photos on say Instagram or Facebook.

Have a think about this as you are so lucky to have so many different options available to you!

#3 Personality 

Your photographer is not only going to be there on the day with you but you’ll be discussing the details prior to the day and also after the wedding. You may even have an engagement shoot with them! How well does your photographer interact with clients and guests? Are they honest, reliable, easy to get on with? A wedding photographer that you click with on a personal level is going to make the whole experience 1000% better.

#4 Quality VS Quantity

When finding the perfect photographer, it’s so important to not focus on the numbers of product or services vs quality. Just because a photographer may give more than another, does not mean it’s the best option. Stay focused on the actual quality of work vs quantity. If you need to stick to a certain budget, remove any add on’s such as print’s and canvas’s since you can order these at a later date but don’t let the quality of photography be negotiated. It’s the one thing from the day you’ll keep for life.

#5 Budget

Sure, there are ‘cheap’ photographers out there but they are cheap for a reason. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few photographers out there who produce amazing work and charge way less than they should be doing but for the most part, ‘cheap’ photographers are inexperienced in areas of photography and business. Running a photography business is costly, we have equipment to buy, back up equipment, software, training to better our work and so much more. These are all considered when pricing my services. If you find a photographer who you absolutely love the work of but initially may have been out of your budget, take a look at your numbers and make it work. 10 years down the line you’ll regret not hiring the photographer you loved the work of.

#6 Testimonials / Reviews

Once you’ve found a photographers you love the work of, do some research and check out any testimonials left on their Facebook page or places like Google Business and over on their website!

If you’re looking for a Manchester Wedding Photographer or a North West Wedding Photographer who is also available for Destination weddings – Shoot me an email here â€“ I would love to hear from you!

Much Love

Priti x

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