In April 2022, I received an email from a gallery curator, and I had to read it a few times to take it all in. The email was requesting my permission to exhibit one of my images in a new gallery that was set to open at Manchester Museum after a massive refurbishment.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe that one of my photos had been chosen to potentially be exhibited at Manchester Museum. It was an unexpected and thrilling opportunity.

The print that caught their attention was a photo I took during the Manchester International Festival (now known as Factory International) in 2019. The photo featured sufi singer Abida Parveen, and it was an honor to have it selected for the exhibit.

Abida Parveen is one of the most renowned Pakistani Sufi singers of all time. Her soulful renditions of Sufi poetry and devotional music have captivated audiences around the world, and her impact on Pakistani culture cannot be overstated. It is therefore no surprise that her photograph has been chosen to be exhibited at the Manchester Museum’s South Asia Gallery in 2023.

The photograph has been displayed as part of the Manchester Museum’s South Asia Gallery, which showcases the cultural history and heritage of the Indian subcontinent. The gallery is home to a wide range of artifacts, from ancient pottery to contemporary art, and serves as a testament to the richness and diversity of South Asian culture.

A few weeks ago, I visited the newly refurbished museum to see my artwork displayed alongside other talented artists’ work. The South Asia Gallery, which has been curated for the first time, is a huge and proud moment. Seeing my photograph curated and displayed in this one-of-a-kind gallery is an incredible feeling.

I am delighted to share that the image has been licensed for the first 12 months. So, if you happen to be in Manchester, make sure to visit the museum and keep an eye out for it!

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manchester museum oxford road manchester
manchester photographer outside sotuh asia gallery exhibition
abida parveen print displayed at manchester museum

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