Wedding Photography Check List

Wedding photography check list.As a wedding photographer,our job is to capture the day and tell your story.

This starts not at the ceremony, but right at the start of the day during the bridal prep.

Sometime I get requests for half day sessions and as great as these can be,there’s parts of the day you’ll miss when looking back at photos and so I really try to show the importance of having a photographer right from the start.

Here are some tips for your wedding photography check list that will help you get the best possible photos.

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Wedding Photography List
Wedding Photography Check List – Above wedding took place at Great John Street Hotel

Keep the rooms clean

Keep the wedding preparation rooms clean and clutter free.If the prep is taking place at a hotel, then have the staff clean and prep the rooms before the videographer and photographer are due to arrive.This really helps us get clutter free photos and saves us having to move things around to get the right shots.A freshly made bed is always perfect so we can use it as a prop if we choose to.However – You’ll have lots going on and a great photographer is happy to create the shots and work around the environment!

Wedding Photography List
Wedding Photography Check List

Have all the details in one place

Any photos you would love to have of wedding bouquets,bridal shoes,wedding rings and any other jewellery pieces-have it all in once place.This saves collating it at the time of photos being taken so we can focus on those documentary getting ready photos you want for your collection.

Wedding Hanger & Hanging your dress

You have a beautiful wedding dress so why not put it in a beautiful wedding hanger to get nicer photos of it? You can usually pick these up from the wedding dress supplier or have them custom made online or other stores. They really make a huge difference in photos and add to the story.

Wedding Photography List

Number of people around you

Try to have a small number of people around you during the bridal prep – This always makes for a smoother experience as a bride & having only immediate friends and family whilst getting ready can lead to some great photos.

Wedding Photography List
Wedding Photography Check List

Buy matching gowns for bride and bridesmaids 

Such a simple thing and it really has a huge impact on the photos ? Not just that, it’s a great keep sake for your bridesmaids too!

Gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Yep another simple one that creates some really fun photos!

Wedding Photography List

Get into your wedding dress early

The great thing about slipping in to your dress early is that it gives us a chance to get some photos before we have to shoot off to the wedding venue where the ceremony is due to take place.Many brides leave it last minute but by being an extra 15 – 20 minutes ahead of time, we can get some photos with family and friends at the room and if you choose to, at the venue before the ceremony.

A special note

A little surprise note for your partner makes a great little gift.With the day being a blur,and emotions running high,it’s a really nice way of checking in with one another without being physically there.Be sure to have your wedding photographer around as they tend to be an emotional moment worth capturing.

bridal prep

Natural light

Where feasible, liase with your make up artist and hair stylist to set up by a window which lets in natural light. This really makes for beautiful natural photos!

bridal prep

If you’re looking for a Manchester Wedding Photographer or a North West Wedding Photographer who is also available for Destination weddings – Shoot me an email here – I would love to hear from you!

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