Elopement photographer.Back in 2016 myself and my now husband got married.

I’d always envisioned an elopement wedding if I ever got married & that’s exactly what we did for the civil ceremony.My husband is from New Zealand and I’d always pictured a beach ceremony and that’s exactly what we did.It was the most peaceful perfect intimate ceremony before doing the whole big indian wedding here in Manchester UK!

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Elopements have become increasingly popular over the years,with couples opting for more intimate and personalised weddings.If you’re planning to elope in Manchester or anywhere around the UK or Europe, you’ll need a photographer who can capture your special day and create beautiful memories that you’ll treasure forever.

As a Manchester-based elopement photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many couples who have chosen to have intimate ceremonies.I specialise in capturing the intimacy and magic of these small, but incredibly meaningful ceremonies.Here are some of the reasons why eloping might be the perfect choice for you, and why hiring an elopement photographer in Manchester is a great idea!

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Why Elope?

Eloping allows couples to have a more personal and intimate experience, without the stress and expense of a big wedding.It’s a chance to focus on each other and celebrate your love in a way that feels truly authentic to you.Plus, elopements can take place in unique and meaningful locations, like your favourite park, a rooftop overlooking the city, or even your own backyard.The options are endless.

Why Hire an Elopement Photographer in Manchester?

Hiring an elopement photographer in Manchester ensures that you’ll have stunning, professional photographs to remember your special day. As a local photographer, I know all the best spots in Manchester for romantic and memorable elopement photos. From the historic architecture of the city centre to the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, there are endless possibilities for capturing your love story.

In Conclusion

Eloping can be a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate your love, and hiring an elopement photographer in Manchester ensures that you’ll have stunning photos to remember your special day. Whether you’re planning a big wedding or a small elopement, finding the right photographer is key to capturing the magic and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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